What is Great Gifts?

Great Gifts is a simple (and free) management system for families to keep track of what gifts everyone in the family has purchased for one another. This helps to avoid duplicate purchases and also helps you pick the greatest gifts for your loved ones.

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Feature Spotlight

This gift manager allows you the ability to track what gifts you have purchased for a given occasion and to see what others have purchased for a particular family member. You can also store gift ideas that you come across so you don't forget at a later time. Take the stress and guessing out of gift giving by signing up today!

Great Gifts has a family focus which separates it from other gift management applications. Especially with larger families who love to gift, it can be difficult to figure out what has or hasn't already been purchased for someone. Can't figure out what to get Mom for Christmas? There may be a gift idea posted by another family member that will save you from getting her another gift card.

With Great Gifts you can also conveniently store and manage all your wish lists in one place. Simply link to your Amazon list and/or upload a Word document file for others to be able to view. If you don't want any others to see it, you can make it private. There is also the ability to email to a family member.